Wednesday, March 2, 2011


As the events unfold in Wisconsin, I wonder if I am a Hamiltonian or Jeffersonian. Yes, I truly believe that this comparison is just as relevant today as it was in the 1790’s. Is it important for just the few to voice their opinion while we silence the many? Is it okay for the few to petition their government while the many are not allowed to do so, no matter how peaceful they are in doing so? Should only the few have the rights to free speech and free press while the many do not? If I thought as a Hamiltonian, I would answer yes to all of the questions above. But I do not think along those lines, so I am a Jeffersonian. I also believe in a strong central government so that would make me somewhat of a Hamiltonian, but all people are not a 100% of anything.

As a Jeffersonian, I side with the protestors in Wisconsin although this is difficult for me to do since I am a strong Dallas Cowboys fan. But when people are fighting for the causes which I believe in, then I am for those people no matter what I may think of them otherwise. I believe these people are fighting for their livelihood and the future of their children. It should be known, public sector workers take less pay for greater benefits and private sector workers take greater pay for less benefits. I truly believe that public sector employees should be allowed to set at the table to negotiate their pay and benefits. United State Senators and United State Congressmen, who are public employees by the way, do not negotiate their pay raises or their health benefits, they just vote themselves a pay raise and better benefits when they feel the time is right for them to do so. They do not come to the American people and asked for a pay raise or better benefits, they just do it. Because they know if they did that, they would get a big resounding no from the public. But some of these very same Senators and Congressmen, along with their agents, are willing to sit or stand in front of a microphone to paint these hard working Americans as villains. Wait a minute, maybe these hard working Americans are villains, because they are just asking for the right to sat at the table to negotiate their pay raises and benefits and they are not asking for the right to vote themselves pay raises and great benefits.

So America, wake up and ask yourself this question, “ Am I a Hamiltonian or a Jeffersonian?”